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This web page was created with a combination of MS Word 97, Wordstar 4  and Netscape 4.  Most of the original text was composed using Wordstar 4 on a PC then converted to Word 2.0.  Our current version of MS Word 97 does not contain a converter for Wordstar 4.  So, first we converted to Word 2 then to Word 97.  Once in Word 97, we then saved the file in HTM format.  All subsequent editing has been done with Netscape Communicator 4.

All of our photos are scanned on my HP ScanJet IIcx.  This was a lot of fun because often after scanning an old picture, I was able to see things that we never noticed with the naked eye.

It has been our standard to have two files for each photo.  A GIF file for the thumbnail saved with an interlaced format and usually 100 pixels wide is the picture you see in almost all cases within the body of these documents.  In each case, there is a 640 wide file in JPG format that can be seen if you click on the thumbnail.

My web server was originally SimpleNet
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Thanks for taking a look at my father's history and I hope you enjoy the pictures.
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