This is "Grandpa McMurry (my fathers father, Fred) and Me (I was young) and then me in 1982 with the video camera on the set of "Brainstorm" 


An Autobiography by Glenn Deal McMurry

(A Prologue by Greg McMurry, Son of the Author)

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Throughout my professional life I have been asked one question over and over again. I never had a clue to the answer until the last few years. I have been fortunate enough to have the will to put myself in places that provide me with experience, fun and friends that have taught me many things.

I remember many early things that I tried that most would not. For example, I did a complete dance band arrangement of a popular musical piece when I was a Junior in High School. Yes, 15 parts, transposed and copied. The piece? -- "Up Up and Away"

Then there was Steve Howard. When I was attending the University of Maryland, Steve was a graduate student. He had a part time job as an Assistant Director at WTOP Television nearby in Washington D.C. One day he was mentioning that they were looking for another "Vacation Relief A.D.". I asked him why I could not do the job. He paused a few seconds and said, "Why Not". Actually, this is also a comment on my friend Steve. You can read about him and many other experiences in my life in "Greg's Sandbox".

In college, I built a complete recording studio and screening room in my basement.

For 13 years, I was part owner and a Visual Effects Supervisor at a major facility in Southern California. In 1996 I sold my stock in the company to a major corporation. Now, at 47, I am starting a new carreer.

What Drives Me?

I think it was my Dad. Not him directly, but what he was.

Anyway the question I have been most asked is--

"What did you do or what courses did you take to learn all the stuff that you know?"

Now, I always answer the same way.

"You would have had to had my parents to know what I know and have the experiences I have had".

At my house we did everything ourselves. We were all "starters" and "doers". When I started reading my father's autobiography, I began to understand more specifically the background that made me what I am today.

I have included my father's Autobiography in GREG'S SANDBOX because it is extremely interesting and it illustrates a great deal of the story of just where I come from.

Actually, I think there may be some sort of movie in this document somewhere.

In any event, take some time and read some of "Glenn's Autobiography", even if you don't see a little of me in it, you will find it an interesting comment on life in the Mid-West during the 20's and 30's.

My dad is gone now.  He died in 2003.  Though we miss him terribly, we all have great joy when thinking of him.  He reached his life's goals as any of us would be happy to do.  He was a man with no regrets.  He lived during one of the most interesting periods of time in the history of the World and particularly the United States.

Enjoy !!!

Greg McMurry

(son of the author)