The Film Disc Project 

Another idea I had was called a Film Disc and was for use in Sunday Schools. Well, it wasnít exactly my own creation. It was an adaptation of the little Viewmaster that was used to view 3-D pictures. We had a number of those little discs and still have them, I suppose. Most of our Viewmaster discs are of travel scenes, National Parks and like. With the little hand viewer the company supplied, viewing didnít require any batteries or house current. Hold the viewer to your eyes towards the light and you had beautiful 3-D pictures.

The company also made a small projector that would project their discs. It occurred to me that the disc would be less complicated to use than filmstrips. Therefore, in a Sunday School class, the small inexpensive projectors would be very useful.

Laurel Lynn Tucker, our minister's wife was a certified religious education director. I knew she was creative so I explained the concept to her. She was enthusiastic about the idea, and agreed to enlist the cooperation of the Childrenís Division of the conference.

The material for about a dozen discs was prepared. Laurel Lynn wrote most of the scripts, and I prepared slides of the pictures chosen. Arrangements were made with the Viewmaster Company in Oregon to make the discs from material we supplied, and the Childrenís Division financed the project.

We packaged the little projector and several folders containing scripts and discs in a neat box. It really worked, and teachers liked the simplicity of the operation. However, with all the other projects I had going, I found I was working overtime at home to keep the Viewmaster project going. It wasnít long before I got out of that business.

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