The Farmer's Pocket Ledger


Chapter 13
Part I



by Glenn D. McMurry

PART I - The Farm Implements

(For the Heavier Farm Jobs Burns Money-Saving Fuels.)

Here is a real power to do your heavier farm jobs, plowing, big volume. In the Model D Tractor you get low-cost power, simple power--power that you can use more days during the year.

Saves hundreds of dollars during its long life because it successfully burns of low-cost fuels, such as distillate, good grades of furnace oil, lighter grades of fuel oil, stove tops, etc.-fuels that cost much less that gasoline.

Pulls three 14" stubble bottoms under many conditions and four bottoms under many conditions--operates a 28" separator with all attachments and other size machines in proportion.

Compact--low, short, narrow, turns short--can be used successfully in irregular fields, in cramped quarters and in orchards.

Its side, power and ease of operation adapt it to practical and profitable use on the average sized farm.

Engine has full pressure, force-feed oiling system insuring perfect lubrication. A film of oil is maintained under pressure between bearing surfaces, preventing metal-to-metal contact--reducing fraction and wear to a minimum. Lubrication of the principal parts of the engine, transmission gears, and bearing is automatic.

Double air cleaner permits only clean air to reach cylinders.

Filtering of air, fuel and oil before reaching the engine is a safety measure that reduces wear and lengthens the life of the tractors.

All parts are readily accessible for inspection and adjustments from the outside of tractor--and in a standing position.

(Burns Money-Saving Fuels)

With the complete line of two-and four-row working equipment, this general-purpose tractor is a highly practical tractor wherever corn, cotton, potatoes, beans and other row crops are grown.

Many advanced features will be found in this new tractor. These include simple, heavy-duty, two-cylinder engine; light weight; simple, accessible construction; etc.

On Corn Belt farms, it is an ideal power unit for the man who wants to cultivate corn two or four rows at a time. It is especially desirable on hilly farms, where its adjustable treads often enables it to meet conditions better that tractors of standard design.

Equipped with a two-row cultivator, this tractor will cultivate up to 25 acres a day. With a four-row cultivator, it will cultivate up to 50 acres in a day.

This tractor is also ideally suited for use in the listed-crop sections. In potatoes and other narrow-row crops, it handles the plowing, planting, cultivating, and harvesting work at lower costs that were ever before thought possible.




With a range of 56 inches to 80 inches you can fit the tractor to a great variety of row widths and successfully handle a greater variety of crops.


The unexcelled view provided by the model "A" tractor makes possible faster, better and easier work than ever before.


Little more than a touch of the wheel causes instant response in steering--there's no backlash of the wheel under roughest field conditions.


With platform and seat you can change your positions to relieve fatigue, to get above dust or get better view of work.


Four forward speeds ranging from 2 1/3 to more than 6 miles per hour--a practical range with which to meet the varying requirements.


When wheels are set in on rear axle, you get practically a centered hitch in plowing and this eliminates side draft.


Inspection of all parts and the few adjustments required can be made by the owner from a standing position.


Weighs only 3525 lbs., but develops ample power to handle a two-bottom plow and other jobs requiring proportionate power.


Two-cylinder, valve-in-head motor saves you from $1 to $2 a day in fuel costs alone.


Leaders in great strength and good work. Equipped with John Deere steel or Syracuse deep-chilled bottoms, famous for good for work and long wear. Beams are heavy and unusually strong. Strong braces, rigid frame connections and heavy truss bar at rear of beams maintain alignment of bottoms. Land wheel is set back--this plow works at uniform depth in uneven ground. Break-pin or cushion-spring-release hitch furnished. Strong, simple and positive power lift raises plow high and level.

Sizes: 3-and 4-bottom with 12-, 14-, or 16-inch bottoms. 5-bottom with 12- or 14-inch bottoms.


The strongest two-bottom tractor plow ever built. Beams, beam-bracing and other important parts are of the same great strength as similar parts built into larger tractor plows. Heavy-duty, constant power lift raises bottoms to the same height regardless of dept of plowing. 23-inch clearance from beams to share points insures freedom from clogging. Rolling longside carries rear weight on greased bearing--no dragging landslide friction. Built in 12-, 14-, and 16-inch sizes; regularly equipped with cushing-spring-release hitch. For any farmer operating a "two-plow" tractor, the No. 4 is a mighty satisfactory plow.


A lightweight, light-draft plow built for use with any "two-plow" tractor. Beams of special hard and tough steel are amply strong. Frame connections hot-riveted. John Deere steel or Syracuse deep-chilled bottoms to suit your soil. Quick-detachable shares. Simple, positive power lift--plow rises high and level on all three wheels. Hitch has wide range of adjustment up and down and to the side. Cushion-spring-release hitch protects both plow and tractor.


The ideal moldboard plow from use with small tractors in plowing orchards. Only 26 inches ting when plowing 6 inches deep. Only 37 inch wide. Gets under the low limbs up close to the row. Hitch can be offset so that plow works up close to trees, throwing either to or from the row, while tractor runs out, free from interference with limbs.


Here is a tractor disk plow that's new, different and better. Its angle steel frame bars with disc standards bolted between make a rigid, unbreakable unit. Roller bearing disk bearings mean lighter draft, longer life. Heat-treated steel disks last longer. Width of cut changed by simply angling the frame. Built in 2-, 3, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-disk sizes, each reducible by one disk except the 2-disk.


A cost-reducer for preparing wheat land, for working fallow, destroying weeds and for much other tillage jobs. Heaving-duty power lift, of the field-proved type, raises disks quickly for turning or transporting. Semi-floating hitch insures easy control of both tiller and tractor. Semi-aligning bearings are easily oiled, strong, longwearing and light draft. Head-treated steel discs are correctly designed for good penetration.

The Disk Tiller is built in three sizes cutting approximately 9, 7 1/2 and 6 1/2 feet. Each size is reducible to cut approximately 1 1/2 feet less than full cut. 20-, 22 and 26-inch disks are available. Angle of gang is variable to meet conditions.


A great cost-reducing implement for use with tractors of from 10 to 15 H.P. Permits one man to break down approximately 35 acres of ridges a day. New double-runner type--hugs better, pulls lighter and does better work. Rigidly braced steel frame is extra strong. Easy lever control of each disk gang. Two-row and one-row styles can also be furnished


Made especially for hard plowing conditions of far Northwest. Construction is simple; there is nothing to get out of order. Heavy steel beams securely braced--plow has tractor plow strength. Wide wheelbase--plow will not tip. Three levers, each in easy reach of operator, whether riding or walking. Two-bottom and three-bottom sizes. Rear wheel and seat can be furnished as extras.


Two- and three-disk plows cutting nine inches per disk; width of cut per disk quickly convertible to eight inches. No. 63-A (3-disk) can be reduced to two-disk plow, cutting either nine or eight inches per disk. Change in cut per disk and number of disks made by loosening clamps and shifting on main frame bar. These plows have greater clearance than usual because main frame bar is above disks. Disks are heat-treated steel. Hitch adjustable to any number of horses. Fully hitch-controlled.


Leading plows of their type for over thirty-five years. John Deere steel or Syracuse deep-chilled bottoms--a type for every soil. Quick-detachable shares. Pull light because properly distributed weight is all wheel-carried--no bottom or landside friction. Gang has a powerful foot lift, with an auxiliary hand lift lever; sulky has easily-operated foot lift--a small boy can operate these plows. Double-bail construction--bottoms enter ground point first and maintain uniform depth. Locking device can be set so that plow floats in frame and raises automatically when plow strikes an obstruction. Recent improvements add to the great strength of these leaders.


Unusually simple and strong. Frameless. Wheel brackets riveted directly to beam. Beam of special hard and tough steel will withstand severest conditions. All wheel-carried--pulls light. Rolling landside rolls rear weight.

Hitch-controlled--turns easily to right or left. Easy, simple lever control. Bottom in type to suit your soil. Quick-detachable share.


The 210 is the lightest pulling plow of its type. Rolling landside rolls rear weight--keeps bottom running true and level. Syracuse deep-chilled or John Deere steel clean-shedding bottom. Runs level and plows at uniform depth even when turning corners. The front furrow caster wheel, controlled by a lever, governs the plow on turns. Driver's hands are free except when releasing latch at turns. Right- or left-hand; rolling coulter and jointer can be furnished.


Ideal for plowing hillsides, irregular fields or irrigated land. Leaves no dead furrows or back ridges; plow back and forth until you reach the other side, turning all the soil one way. Special features make this the easiest plow to control you every saw. Get on the seat and try it. Sizes: 12-, 14-, and 16-inch. Bottom equipment to meet your requirements.


Doubles plowing capacity in two-way plow regions. Plow always centers with the working gang. Positive power lift wheel in furrow lifts working gang. With both gangs lifted, the plow centers behind tractor--easy to turn or transport. Cushion-spring-release hitch protects both plow and tractor. Screw cranks adjust plowing depth from three to two inches. Convenient lever for leveling. 14-inch bottoms.


Ample throat room and close-fitting joints prevent clogging. Choice of white iron or tempered steel moldboard adapts them to a variety of soils. Two-piece truss-style beam is extra sturdy. Renewable shoe protects standard and serves as landside.


Shape of moldboard and share adapts this plow for thorough work and light draft in clover, timothy or blue-grass sod, or in old ground. Good also for difficult plowing in heavy, sticky soils. High-quality steel construction. Sizes 12-, 14-, and 16-inch.


Made especially for stiff black, waxy soil. Extra strong construction through out. Share has long sharp point and correct suction, insuring good penetration and steady and light running. Moldboard shaped properly for good shedding. Extra strong steel frog and high curved double-headed steel beam. Sizes: 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, and 11-inch.


Sheds clean, turns the furrow slices properly and makes a good seed bed. Moldboard of hardened soft-center steel is double skinned to resist wear. Shares in variety to suit different soils can be furnished. High-quality material throughout. Sizes: 8-, 9-, 10-, 12-, and 14-inch.


Extra length of beam assures good penetration and steady running. Bottom shaped properly for good work in throwing up medium beds in black land and other heavy soils. Sheds clean and pulls light. Share one-third thicker than usual. Extra heavy frog. Large adjustable steel root knife.


Built strong; bottom parts designed for sulky and gang use as well.
Interchange of chilled and steel wearing parts make these plows adaptable to any soil condition. Bottoms of correct shape for general-purpose work. Good penetration; steady running; durable; heavy malleable frog; quick detachable share; rolled foot beam of standard type. Right and left-hand styles.


Special process, heat-treated spring-steel teeth penetrate deep, thoroughly pulverizing soil and tearing out the weeds. This harrow is particularly adapted for work in sandy, gravelly or stony ground where deep cultivation is required. Trash and weeds work to center and pass out through opening between sections, preventing loading and choking at this point. Teeth are instantly adjusted by means of convenient levers to meet different soil conditions. Frames and tooth bars are made of channel and angle-bar steel. Teeth are clipped onto bars. Runners have steel protective shoes. Adjustable hitch regulates teeth at the front and rear to work at same depth regardless of size of team or length of tugs. The weed destroyer is similar in design, but with fewer teeth.


Real heavy-duly equipment for use with tractors. Special-process, heat-treated spring-steel teeth are locked securely to the tooth bars by means of sturdy clamps; there are no boltholes in teeth to weaken these important parts. Sections are hitched independently, thus assuring easy clearing of trash, and thorough work. Front shoes swivel for easy turning; all shoes have replaceable steel runners. Levers may be shifted from front to rear the adapting heavy-duty for use with horses. Wheel-carried tractor harrow hitch can be furnished. The heavy-duty Weed Destroyer has the same general features; it has fewer teeth but wider spacing to provide greater clearance for trash


This stalk cutter will do good work in all conditions, whether the ground is frozen or muddy. The driver can shift the entire weight of the machine, and his own weight is well, on the knife head, or lessen the weight, as desired. Powerful springs reduce jar and cause knives to chop instead of crush the stalks. Spring hitch relieves strain on horses. Double-edged knives can be reversed when one side is dull. One lever raises both the knives and the stalk hooks. Furnished in single- or double-row.


Extremely flexible. Penetrates, pulverizes and packs the soil its entire width. Each gang works independently--one gang can pass over obstructions without lifting the other from its work. Pivoted yoke controlled by third level and powerful pressure spring holds gangs to their work in all conditions. Double-bar steel gang frames. Heat-treated steel disks. Rear section and tractor hitch can be furnished.


Use with any standard tractor. Quickly converted into single- or double-action, horse-drawn harrow. Tongue truck can be furnished when horses are used. Automatic yielding lock coupling holds rear discs to their work. Gangs work independent of each other. Entire harrow is not raised from ground when one gang passes over an obstruction. Third level on front section controls powerful spring and pivoted yoke, which hold disks to their work. Aligning device insures thorough work. Double-bar gang frames, front and rear. Heat-treated steel disks. Scrapers that can be oscillated. Wider, heavier frame strengthened throughout against strain.


Front and rear sections are angled by independent cranks convenient to tractor operator. Automatic yielding lock coupling, an exclusive feature, helps rear disks to cut ridges left by front gangs. Gangs work independently--soil is worked full width; no binding or twisting of frame. Pivoted yoke and pressure spring controlled by crank allow light or heavy pressure on disks. Aligning device provides means of locking rear disks in position for best work. Adjustable, oscillating scrapers keep disks clean. Heavy angle steel frame braces. Heat-treated steel disks. Double-bar gang frames.


This is a big-capacity, heaving-duty tractor disk harrow, made in 15- and 21-foot sizes, capable of disking from 50 to 100 acres a day. Operated entirely from tractor. Tractor does all the work of angling and straightening the gangs. End gangs fold over reducing the 15-foot size to 10 1/2 feet and the 21-foot to 14 feet.


The "999" Corn Planter with Natural Drop Seed Plates can be furnished with tongue truck, or the truck can be purchased separately and put on by the owner. The tongue truck eliminates neck weight, insures a better check, a more even depth of planting, straighter rows; reduces side slip on hillsides, and makes turning easier at row ends.
Variable drop device enables you to drop two, three or four kernels in the hill, as desired, simply by shifting foot lever. Safety fertilizer attachment available.


The latest model riding planter. The Saw-Tooth Type Steel Picker Wheel picks out cottonseed one at a time in any quantity desired. Both ground wheels drive seeding mechanism, keeping machine in perfect alignment. Shank has ample adjustment for planting upon highest beds or in listed furrows. Feed is gear driven. Peanut attachment does not damage peanut seed. Can also be furnished with fertilizer distributor, press wheel, and three-piece middlebreaker bottom.


It has the same accurate drop as is used on the popular two-row planters. Frame and drive wheel made of steel--durable; will stand hard usage. Plants can be furnished for planting practically any kind of corn, peas, beans and other seeds.
Available with either safety fertilizer or pea attachment. Pea attachment will plant peas in the same hill with the corn, or alternately with the corn.


Plants one cotton seed at a time in any quantity per acre desired. Plants corn, peanuts, peas, beans, sorghum and similar seed--remove cotton spider and insert proper seed plate and cut-off. One corn cut-off handles great variety of seeds. Cotton seeds are picked from hopper by narrow Saw-Tooth Type Steel Picker Wheel. No clogging--lint and trash removed with the seed. Furnished with runner opener having either gauge shoe or sweep, as shown. Swinging hitch can also be furnished instead of stiff hitch.

No. 349

Equipped with the Saw-Tooth Type Steel Picker Wheel, it plants a single cotton seed at a time, or more, if desired. All lint and trash are picked out of hopper to prevent clogging. John Deer natural-drop seed plates--the accurate dropping mechanism used on the popular two-row planters in Corn Belt--handle corn, sorghums, peanuts, and many other kinds of seed.
No. 347 has shovel opener and coverers; No. 349 has runner opener and knife coverers; No. 350 has shovel opener and knife coverers. All three of these planters have pitman drive. Press wheel or pea and bean attachment can be furnished.


You can adjust row spacing quickly to 36, 38, 40 or 42 inches; level both bottoms instantly with one lever, regardless of position of frame; adjust bottoms for proper penetration and suction with handy screw device; regulate depth of covering without leaving seat or stopping team. Cotton drop and corn drop are the most accurate made. Disk or shovel coverers.


Two-row listers for planting cotton, corn, beans, etc. Cotton drop is the picker-wheel type; corn drop is the"999", famous for its accuracy. John Deere bottoms. Disk or shovel coverers. Row spacing convertible to 36, 38, 40 or 42 inches. Simple lever control; both bottoms are hung on the bail. Tilting this bail with leveling lever levels bottoms. Pea attachment can be furnished.


A heavy-duty three-row lister, field-proved and successful in every respect. Does good work in either single-listing or relisting. Row spacing adjustable to 36, 38, 40, 42 or 44 inches. The "999' corn drop and picker-wheel cotton drop--both famous for accuracy. Has John Deere bottoms, famous for good work and long wear. Coverers quickly adjustable for covering shallow or deep. Simple, positive power lift.

(Plain or Fertilizer)

For planting between rows of corn or for small plots of ground. Adjustable for 6-, 7- and 8-inch spacing. Swinging outer disks prevent damage to corn, and insure planting all the ground. Adjustable gate fluted force-feed; long-wearing disk bearings. Grass-seeder attachment can be furnished if wanted.

(With Galvanized Steel Box)

Great strength, light weight, perfect balance, light draft and big capacity are features that contribute to the greater value and efficiency of these new drills with heavy galvanized, rust-resisting steel box. The steel box holds 72% more grain than the wood box formerly used--one bushel for every foot of box length.
Improved feeds in either fluted or double-run styles handle a large variety of seed in any quantity per acre, and insure a positive, even flow. Rear-delivery disk boots guide the seed to the bottom of furrows of uniform depts.
Furrow openers for all field conditions--sight-disk, double-disk, shoe and hoe; also single-disk deep furrow opener. Horse hitch or tractor hitch. Grass seeding attachment and fertilizer attachment available. All standard sizes.

(Wood Box)

This Combination Fertilizer-Grain Drill pulverizes the soil, drills in the seed and fertilizer, and covers both--all in one trip over the field. Made in sizes up to 17 x 7; with horse hitch or tractor hitch.


Covers 8 feet of ground; carrying capacity, 10 bushels. Direct wheel drive--each wheel drives half the machine. Wood or steel wheels. The Model A Fertilizer Distributor has star force-feeds for distributing fertilizers and other materials in quantities from 50 to 5000 pounds per acre; the Lime and Calcium Chloride Distributor with rotary wing feeds applies lime, calcium chloride and fertilizes in quantities from 200 to 8000 pounds per acre; can be specially equipped for spreading calcium, sand, cinders and ashes on roads. Takes pneumatic tries. We do not furnish the tires.


Save valuable time with the four-row beet and bean planter. Plants in uniform rows of 20, 22, 24, 26 or 28 inches, or in wide and narrow rows, 16 and 24 or 18 and 26 inches. Has large hoppers and every accurate seed-dropping mechanism, being equipped with John Deere Natural-Drop Seed Plates. Safety fertilizer attachment and irrigating attachment can be furnished if wanted.


Unusual strength and ease of adjustment and operation are the outstanding features of the Beet and Bean Cultivators. The tool bars are made of a flat top bar and heavy T-iron bottom bar. The tools can be clamped either to front or rear of tool bars. Large variety of tools.


Accuracy is assured whether you plant whole or cut, treated or untreated seed. A simple gravity feed insures just the right amount of seed in the picking bowl for efficient operation of the double-pointed pickers. Agitators of special design, prevent bridging of seed in the hopper. Flexible steel spring-trips release each seed-piece at just the right time; none jarred loose by shock. Sprockets available for spacing seed 9, 11, 13, 15, 18, 22, 26, and 30 inches. Smooth-running steel roller chain insures uniform drive without lost motion.
One- and two-row sizes with or without highly efficient fertilizer attachment.


These famous mechanical diggers dig the potatoes with a minimum of mechanical injury. Shovel, of crucible plow steel, scours and works in varied conditions without bending or breaking. Main sides are built up of two steel angles riveted together. Furnished in one-row size with ground or engine drive, and one- or two-row Tractor drive, with equipment to meet your requirements.


For early cultivation of all kinds of row crops, small grain, alfalfa, etc. Strong, easy pulling, easily operated.
Two sizes: Eight-foot, two-row and eleven-foot, flexible three-row. Malleable iron or steel wheels.
Two-row hoe can be furnished with poles for either two- or three-horse hitch, or with tongue truck for horse or tractor hitch. 11-foot flexible three-row hoe with either four-horse or tractor hitch. Grass seeder attachment and hook-ups for operating two or three hoes in combination can be furnished.


Balanced frame, with correct attachment for lifting springs--light or heavy rigs handle easily. Pole does not fly up when heavy rigs are raised. Connecting point between lifting spring yoke and beam coupling can be raised or lowered for penetration to suit soil conditions. Simple depth-regulating device. Hugging device makes it easy to keep rigs parallel with row, no matter how shovels are set. High, adjustable arch. Rigs styles to meet the requirements of different sections.


Especially designed for use in narrow or wide rows--the ideal cultivator for diversified farming. Wheel track quickly adjustable to cultivate rows from 28 to 48 inches wide. Easy control to meet all field conditions by means of master lever, independent depth levers, tilting lever and spacing lever. Quick dodge--pedal guide pivots wheels and shifts rigs. Open frame-work through center gives good view of work ahead of shovels. Strongly built--frame does not sag; wheels do not spread. Great variety of rig styles to meet conditions in every section of the country.


Turning a convenient tail nut within handy reach of the operator adjusts depth quickly and easily. Specially-designed coupling sleeve makes the VB balance properly without adjustment of the lifting springs. Wheels are extra strong, with dust-proof and oil-tight boxes. Various style rigs and shovels can be furnished.


Two-Row Cultivators are famous for their good work and easy operation. When you are on the NH, the type built especially for checked corn, you can see thee hills at once--the hill you are cultivating, the hill just ahead, and the hill just finished. Other popular features are the handy spacing lever with which you can space the rigs in or out as you drive along and a handy tilting lever with which you can tilt the rigs forward or back. .As each to operate as a single-row. One long maser lever raises all rigs.

(Three Cultivators in One)

Can be furnished with disks, shovels or spring teeth. Easy, wide-range, foot-controlled dodge. On straight rows, crooked rows or side-hills, it is easy to meet all conditions. Powerful penetration because hitch is directs from gangs. All gang adjustments are simple and easy. Strong in every part; frame never sags; wheels always stand up straight.


Follows the trenches perfectly and has these distinctive advantages--easier adjustments; a variety of tillage equipment to meet every requirement; the kind of work you want, regardless of which type of equipment you use. Non-rocking bolster plate prevents any tendency of gangs to climb ridges. When you see the tillage equipment, --how easily and quickly any type of equipment can be put on and how quickly you can make any desired adjustment, you will be sure to want a "400".

[note-no picture of this]
Especially designed to speed up the work and cut costs by taking full advantage of tractor speed and power. Follow trenches perfectly when tractor is on the ridges. Great variety of tillage equipment permits work under all conditions. Bolster plate keeps gangs from rocking. Any adjustment for disks, shovels or wheels can be made by simple clamp adjustments. Three-row quickly convertible to five-row by adding two gangs; five-row reducible to three-row by removing outer gangs. Four-row designed for wide-tread type tractors. Daily capacity varies from 25 to 40 acres with the three-row, to 35 to 60 acres with five-row.


The new No. 4 Enclosed gear Mower is a thoroughly modern mower, combining all of the good qualities of previous mowers with new and distinctive features. All gears are fully enclosed and run in a bath of oil. Axle bearings, wheel bearing, gear bearings, counter-shaft and pitman shaft bearings are oiled automatically from the gear case. High, easy foot lift; extremely high hand lift. Direct transmission of power through two pairs of balanced gears reduces draft and wear. High-grade roller, ball and bronze bearings and wide-tread, wide-tired wheels mean lighter draft. Flexible cutter bar, quick acting clutch, great strength and ease of operation are outstanding qualities. Furnished in 4 1/2-, 5-, 6- and 7-foot sizes. Tongue truck furnished as extra.
Tractor owners will want a Tractor-Drawn or a Power-Driven Mower. They are built specially for fast, big-capacity mowing. Built in 7-, 6-, 5- and 4 1/2-foot sizes.


This is the latest development in side-delivery rake construction. Its floating cylinder and universal joint drive cause the hay to be "floated" gently into loose, fluffy windrows, leaves inside, stems out. It makes the John Deere Way of Making Hay of even greater value to the hay grower.

The cylinder is spring-suspended at both ends and runs on roller bearings; bronze bearings are used on the universal and pinion shaft.

New tooth bars of heavy steel tubing do not require wood reinforcement.

Cylinder support is clamped to the center shaft and braces each one of the tooth bars.

Strippers are held rigid and aligned by a steel strap that ties the strippers together.

Left-hand wheel can be moved out on axle for raking beans or extra heavy hay without reversing the wheel or drive dog.


The rake that gives years of service. Wheels interchangeable, and dump rods reversible, giving extra wear without repair expense. Wheels have proper pitch. Steel truss rod reinforces raise head--prevents sagging. Same tooth holders accommodate large or small number of teeth. Adjustments provided to keep rake in perfect working order. Tripping device in positive and simple. Set of teeth quickly changed with adjusting lever bar. This rake is easy to operate and does a real job of raking. Sizes: 8-, 9-, 10-, 11- and 12-foot. Tongue truck and special heavy-duty wheels and teeth can be furnished.


Patented foot lift enables driver to deliver the load and back off the stacker head with both hands free to manage the horses. The power-lift mechanism not only lifts the load, but also maintains correct pressure on the teeth for good raking.

The teeth are not locked down when gathering hay, thus avoiding breakage in uneven fields. Once the hand lever is set in forward position, the teeth are kept proper contact with the ground without further attention from the operator. Horses walk back of the teeth so that hay can be gathered close to fences or ditches. Teeth gather hay properly from swath, windrow or cock. Cushion springs allow teeth to yield and pass over obstructions. Caster wheels make rake easy to guide. Also furnished in the Alfalfa Power-Lift and Jumble Power-Lift sizes. The Alfalfa Rake is designed to handle a larger quantity of hay than the regular, and the Jumbo has an even greater capacity than the Alfalfa type.


Simple in operation--strong. Adjustable stop cables and long compression spring insure proper delivery. Stack is always higher and firmer in center to shed rain. The stacker can be set at end of stack, and hay delivered any distance along the center line of the stack, according to the speed the horses are driven. Delivery height easily adjusted. Only one stake at rear end is needed to hold down stacker under ordinary conditions. Cable brake holds up stacker head when transporting. New type hay retainers are strong and effective.

Maximum height of pitcher-tooth delivery: No. 1, 19 feet 3 inches; No. 2, 24 feet 2 inches.

Height stacks can be built: No.1, 25 feet; No. 2, 30 feet.


Does better work in any kind of hay, rakes cleaner, delivers the hay in better condition, and has a greater capacity than any other loader on the market. It is easiest to operate, and saves time and labor.

Handles hay gently from ground to top of load. Spring-floated gathering cylinder gets all the clean hay in uneven fields; leaves the trash. Handles the lightest swath or heaviest windrow; light draft. All-steel frame with hot-riveted corner plates. Hinged carrier and be adjusted up or down by the man on load. Makes loading easy in windy weather.


Very light draft and has minimum number of working parts. Single drum mounted directly on the axle. Hanged carrier makes loading easy in windy weather. Furnished regularly with forecarriage--no lifting is necessary when coupling to wagon. Extra strong, well-braced frame with hot-riveted corner plates. Gets all the hay when properly raked into windrows. Handles alfalfa, clover and beans with knocking off valuable foliage parts. Capacity ample for all side-rake wind-rows.


Has all of the desirable features of both the raker bar and the double-cylinder loaders. Full-floating gathering cylinder gets all the clean hay which is elevated by the slow moving raker bars and delivered far forward on wagon. Solid steel deck. Three-point suspension., Quick adjustable forecarriage. Light draft.

The Double-Cylinder Loader is a dependable loader with floating cylinder, automatic capacity adjustment, and other features that mean good work.


For either individual or custom work. Eccentric gear drive gives increased leverage on compression stroke and a quick return of the plunger--the reason why this press will turn out more and better bales in less time than any other make of press. Improved block dropper, automatic tucker, positive self-feed and powerful plunger insure neat, well-pressed bales. Efficient lubrication. Bronze bearings. Engine extension can be furnished when desired. 14 x 18-, 16 x 18- and 18 x 22-inch bales.


Main frame extra strong. Bars are widely over-lapped and hot-riveted together. Into "forged-in frame" bearing supports are fitted self-aligning bearings that cannot get out of line. Strong, wide-tired steel main and grain wheels. Platform, rigidly braced, prevents binding of canvas and knife. Flexible elevators accommodate light or heavy crops. Knotter parts subject to wear are made of best steel and case hardened. All-steel, quick-turn tongue truck relieves horses on side draft and neck weight. Stiff pole and tractor hitches can be furnished. Sizes: 6-, 7- and 8-foot cuts.


With the Tree-foot Power-driven Tractor Binder, you can cut twice as many acres in a day as with an eight-foot horse-drawn binder. Heavy and down crops handled to better advantage. Same superior features and high-quality construction as in Light-Running New Grain Binder. Great strength in every part. Slip clutches protect important parts. Can be operated by all makes of tractors. Also furnished in 8-foot size.


Simplicity of construction, high quality of materials and superior design and workmanship in this thresher are your assurance of clean threshing and saving of the grain. Steel frame and steel sides give great strength with lightweight. Steel, waterproof deck, adjustable concaves, great separating and cleaning area and high-grade bearing equipment are other features you want. Furnished in 24x42 or 28x50 sizes.


A real one-man power-driven outfit. Picker, wagon and tractor controlled from tractor seat. Wagon loaded evenly, back to front, by adjusting pull chain. Drive parts are sturdy and long-lived. Design practically eliminates clogging. Wide gatherers with floating points, long snapping rolls, gatherer chains that run close down to the ground--these features assure clean picking. Husking rolls have great capacity. Shelled corn is saved, cleaned and delivered to the wagon. Slip clutches reduce breakage. Long life and durability in every part.


The Two-Row has all of the high-quality features that have made the one-row pickers famous, plus two-row capacity. Tractor operator handles picker and controls loading of wagon from tractor seat. Snapping rolls, husking rolls and elevators have capacity to handle heavy crops, and do good work. Flexible gatherer points get the down corn. High-grade roller, ball and bronze bears reduce draft, lengthen life. Practically all-steel construction--stands hard work. Slip clutches reduce breaking. Easy to oil with grease gun oiling system--making for life running--reduces repair expense.


This binder is unusually easy to operate. By merely pressing foot-trip lever, power carrier delivers bundles free of horses' path and practically at right angles to standing corn. All steel, quick-turn tongue truck takes neck weight from horses and makes it easy for horses to turn at ends. Axle of truck is flexible--wheels hold to uneven ground, which prevents side draft and sluing on side-hills.

Wide range of adjustment, seventeen roller and ball bearings, perfect delivery of cut corn to binder attachment, and unusual strength throughout, are other important features.

Stiff pole, tractor hitches and bundle elevator can be furnished.


The light-weight, light-running Power Corn Binder provides maximum cutting capacity for tractor owners. It gets the corn out in spite of bad weather--saves hard work and money. It is built to the same high standard of quality that has kept our Horse-Drawn Binders out in the lead. It has all the features of the horse-drawn binder, plus strength and capacity for tractor power. Used with any tractor. Roller and ball bearings reduce draft. High-pressure grease gun oiling makes oiling easy, lengthens life. Wagon loader and wagon hitch available for silo filling.

(For quick, Easy Storing of Ear Corn and All Small Grain)

An all-steel elevator for quick transportation from one crib or bin to another. Bridge-trussed construction prevents sagging, heavy draft and undue wear. Hopper and sections made of copper-alloy sheet, heavily galvanized to resist rust. Roller bearings lighten draft. Wagon dumps stops automatically or can be controlled by operator. Release of brake lowers wagon by gravity. All-steel construction insures years of satisfactory low-cost service--operated by either horses or engine. Furnished in practically any length required.


Elevator made of tubular steel--will give extra years of service. Operation of flights prevents cracking of kernels. Adjustable gate permits adapting capacity of elevator to power available. Receiving hopper can be raised--backing up a loaded wagon never necessary. Wagon can be emptied from either side of hopper. Engine is mounted directly on truck. Elevator raised to desired height by simple and easily operated, self-locking raising device.


Lightweight, light draft, easy handling and good work are outstanding features of the No. 5-A. Wide-tread of main wheels permits them to straddle tractor's wheel tracks, giving lighter draft. Three-wheel-in-line construction provides flexibility for good work in uneven ground. Grouping of all main controls on operator's platform gives one man complete and instant control of machine. Every unit built to save and clean the grain to best advantage. The No. 5-A is built in 10-ft; and 12-ft. sizes. If you have a small acreage, the No. 7 one-man 8-foot Combine will meet your requirements. If you have a large acreage, you need the No. 17, built in 12- and 16-foot sizes.


This new Model E three-beater, tight-bottom spreader, with the beater on the axle and cushion-spring front bolster construction, is easier to load, easier to pull, it does better work, and last longer. Low, easy-loading box is only hip high--does away with high pitching. High drive wheels, roller bearings on all three beaters, new-type, non-wrapping spiral beater, large, non-wrapping, four-bar upper beater, and fewer moving parts assure light draft. Beater is on the axle, close to the ground--manure is thoroughly shredded and spread evenly. High-grade materials, quality workmanship, and the use of fewer and sturdier parts insure more years of low-cost service.

Efficient one-man lime spreading attachment, endgate attachment, brake and tractor hitch can be furnished. Steel pole and eveners are regular equipment.


This new spreader--built especially for tractor use--gives you double the capacity of the ordinary horse-drawn spreader. This big capacity machine is driven from the power take-off of any standard tractor. It does an excellent job of spreading manure, and it is built strong and sturdy throughout to stand the strains of tractor operation. Lime spreading attachment, of the same type used on the Model E horse-drawn spreader, can be furnished.


This new all-steel elevator handles all kinds of grain--can be used in old cribs. Elevator boot sets on driveway floor--not pit is necessary. Receiving hopper swings parallel to driveway. Hopper operates only when in position for unloading.

If pit installation is desired, cross-conveyer can be furnished.

Built in short sections of steel angles and heavy galvanized sheet steel; has extra strong steel chains, roller bearings and pressure lubrication.

Power: Horse power, gas engine or electric motor.


The all-steel one-hole hand sheller with self-aligning bearings makes a very durable and light-running sheller. The all-steel, two-hole sheller is easy-running enough for hand power, and sturdy enough for operation with small engine. Both shellers shell all kinds of corn clean from the cob--the blast fan removes the chaff. Capacity; No. 1-A, 10 to 20 bushels; No. 2-A, 25 to 35 bushes per hour. An elevator for sacking the shelled corn can be used on the two-hole sheller.


Built especially to meet present day corn-shelling conditions. Special construction permits short-chain drives direct from main shaft without the use of any gears. This means quiet-running; only 50 per cent of the chain required on other makes of shellers of this class, and elimination of extra bearings. This shelling device shells clean, runs easy and is durable. Capacity, 100 to 150 bushels husked corn, or 25 to 50 bushel of snapped corn per hour; speed, 550 to 575 R.P.M.; power required, 8-to-10-H.P.


The ideal sheller for large con growers or for neighborhood use. Turns out from 250 to 600 bushels of thoroughly cleaned corn per hour with a 20-H. P. engine. Adjustable staves at end of cylinder permit shelling of all kinds of corn--breaks fewer cobs. Handles either husked or snapped corn. Snapped corn capacity, 75 to 125 bushels per hour. Suction fan and vibrating shoes separate husks and other foreign matter from corn. Swivel feeder set at any angle within half circle--fewer settings necessary. Build of galvanized sheet steel--will last for years.


This new sheller has enormous capacity--shells 700 to 1400 bushels of husked corn or 200 to 500 bushels of snapped corn per hour.

All-steel construction, special heavy-duty, friction-saving, long-lived bearings throughout sheller, high pressure lubrication, case-hardened roller chains on all drive sprockets, swivel feeder, enclosure of entire right-angle drive assemble--these are outstanding No. 10 qualities.


The No. 200 two-Hole Sheller is ideal for individual use. Thoroughly shells and cleans corn. Sheller body, shelled corn elevator and cob stacker is made of heavily galvanized sheet steel.

The New Four- and Six-hole Dustless Spring Shelters are built especially for large corn growers, neighborhood shelling rings or job shellermen. Built of galvanized sheet steel. Will do most efficient job of shelling and cleaning present day corn. Improved shelling mechanism, greater cleaning area, combined with dust and shuck separator assures clean shelling, clean corn and a clean machine to work around.

Other quality features are: Adjustable feeder; adjustable shelling spouts; feeder throw-out operated from either side of machine; 16-ft. swinging cob stacker; roller bearings; high pressure lubricate.

Capacity: 2-hole--75 to 125 bushes per hour with 5- to 10- H.P. Engine. 4-hole--150 to 250 bushels per hour with 10- to 12- H. P. Engine. 6-hole--250 to 350 bushels per hour with 12- 14- H. P. Engine.


The Heavy-Duty Wagon is light-running and durable. Gears are built of selected air-seasoned oak and hickory; all material for beds is of the highest grade, carefully seasoned. Equipped width heavy malleable fifth-wheel bolster and sandboard plates with corrugated coupling; large, steel full circle; extra heavy sand- and dust-proof skeins; full-clipped gears; angle steel pole housing on slip-tongue wagons; deep hind bolster; heavy iron reach box; self-centering box rods; angle-steel grain cleats; large size oak bottom cleats; a guaranteed wagon that will give years of real service. The guarantee is reproduced on the front endgate of every wagon sold. You'll find the specifications written in this guarantee, to protect you.


An attractive, light-running wagon having many of the features to be found on the Heavy-Duty Wagon. All wood stock is oak or hickory. Gears are rigidly clipped and braced. In this wagon, as in all our wagons and tucks, special attention is given to the construction of the wheels. Axle ends are individually fitted to the sand- and dust-proof skeins.

This wagon is well-known for its long life and light draft.


The Wagon Boxes are made of the best materials obtainable. Bottoms are made of narrow boards, tongued and grooved, have heavy hardwood cross cleats and are reinforced over front and rear bolsters. Sides and ends are clear, select stock, carefully air-seasoned. Topsides have wide center panels, and these panels and all cleats are riveted on. Sides have bevel-edged top irons extending full length and over ends. Angle-steel grain cleats self-centering box rod nuts. Up-and-down tie rods and cross chains. Front end furnished with footboard or combination footboard and toolbox if desired.


Farm Truck, Wood Wheels

Farm Truck, Steel Wheels

No. 802 All-Steel Gear

Beet or Teaming Gear

Farm Truck Trailer

Shoveling Board

There is a Farm Truck for every purpose. All wood trucks have hickory axles, and the higher-priced trucks have round truss rods. All wood stock is air-seasoned. Best of workmanship and finish. All paints used on these Gears, Trucks and Boxes are ground in John Deere mills.

Gears are built of thoroughly air-seasoned oak and hickory. Only such materials as will pass the most rigid inspection for quality are used. These gears have heavy sand- and dust- proof skeins, full-clipped gears, deep rear bolsters, and steel reach plates. Wheels have oak hubs, oak or hickory spokes and bent oak rims or sawed oak felloes. Tires are set hot with special hydraulic machines.

Truck Trailers are built with strong, all-steel chassis; extra-heavy wheels with Timken roll bearings; heavy-duty tires; auto steering; and pressure-gun lubrication. Furnished in two types--light and heavy.

The No. 802 All-Steel Gear is a light-weight, economical gear built strong enough for use with tractor.

Every Wagon, Gear, Truck and Trailer is fully guaranteed against breakage due to defective material or poor workmanship for one year from date of purchase. Wagon Boxes and Shoveling Boards are quality-built throughout to give extra years of service.


Contains the greatest improvements in engine-building made in years. All important working parts fully enclosed in dust-proof case are oiled automatically No sight-feed oilers to watch--no grease cups to spill--oil reservoir requires attention only when fuel supply is replenished. No gears exposed or extending shafts on which clothing can be caught--a safe engine to operate. Extremely simple in construction--easy to start. Wearing parts on value line and governor hardened to resist wear. Runs for years without adjustments or repairs. Magneto-equipped. Furnished in 1 1/2-, 3- and 6-H. P., mounted on skids or on portable truck.


Consists of 1 1/2 H. P. Engine and Direct-Drive Jump Jack as illustrated. A compact outfit--no belts or gears for the stock to get into.. Power to drive jack taken from flywheel of engine. Both jack and engine automatically oiled. Required no attention.


This jack can be furnished separately for operation with belt for either gas engine or electric power. Worm and gear on jack fully enclosed. Supplies a constant and even flow of water.


Just the machine for mixing your own concrete on the farm. Make your own concrete walks, steps, feeding and well platforms, stable, chicken-house and hog-house floors; making your own fence posts, etc. Saves hard back-breaking work. Mixes thoroughly a wheelbarrow load per minute. Operate by hand or light engine power. Easily loaded and dumped. All metal construction--lasts for years. Simple, positive gear drives. No moving parts in drum. Drum tilts both ways. Mix is always in full view. No farm job too small or too large for this machine. Can be furnished mounted on truck with or without engine.

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