From The James Uhey
911 Photo Collection

Here are the temporary memorials set up at the New York City Police
Officer's Memorial that is on the west side of Manhatten right on the
water a block from the World Trade Center.  This memorial was only
accessable by those working inside ground zero.  I do not believe anyone
ever just walked past this without stopping to pay their respects,
reflect and pray.
The framed pictures on the left are of the Port Authority Officers who
were either dead or missing.  The framed pictures on the right are of the
NYPD officers who were either dead or missing.  The frame in the middle
are the "names" of the dead or missing
New York City Firefighters - over 300.

These are the pictures of the NYPD officers missing or dead.

This is taken at night of relief work and did not come out real
clear.  Ryan Wright is standing in front of the WTC.

Standing on West Side Highway facing the WTC


Standing on West Side Highway.  This was one of my partners-Pastor
Ryan Wright.  The Glass structure behind him was on top of, I believe the
Marriott Hotel.

One firefighter said that as they would search these buildings they would
find a half cup of coffee with lipstick, etc.   They were very
overwhelmed when they began to think about what was going through
people's minds as they just came to work, to earn their paycheck, only to
have all "hell" break loose.

Standing on West Side Highway facing the North.  The WTC would be to
your left about 30 yards.

This is taken looking south on West Side Highway.  The WTC is too
your left.  These are firefighters waiting to go on the pile to either
dig or remove the remains of someone found.  The building to the left
that you can see had just been remodeled and was completly gutted by fire
when the WTC towers collapesed.  Between that building and the WTC was a
church that was completely destroyed.  The building to the right is the
one next to the Marriott.  If you start counting the floors going up you
can begin to get a feel for the devestation to the buildings left


Taken while standing on what was left of the West Side Highway
looking at the South Tower of the WTC.  Battery Park would be to your
right about 4-5 blocks.  The orange on the building behind
the WTC was a huge drape that was hung down the sides of buildings that
were unstable.  The drapes would keep falling debris alongside the
building and would protect the workers below.  These same buildings had
scaffolding over the sidewalks topped with heavy plywood to catch any
falling debris.  This is a common construction practice to protect
pedestrians and workers.
In this last picture, the building on the right has part of a crane
infront. When I looked at that building it reminded me of what a cake
would look like if a child took their finger and wipped off a section of
iceing to eat.  There was just a section out of the builidng that looked
like someone had just run their finger down the side.  In the area where
they had run their finger, about 15-20 stories up a section of the
outside wall of the WTC was hanging.