The Hollywood Bowl
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Robyn -- "Hmmmm...let's see.  That was the show we did with Johnny Mathis and the rock and roll band, "Blues Image."  We had two gigs that day, back-to-back.  We performed at the Bel Air Bay Club on the beach for a luncheon.   (Could it have been at Christmas?)
The minute we got offstage there, we then had to run to our cars, speed to Hollywood, park where we could, and hit the stage running.  The reason why this is so memorable to me is that I was one of about three or four others who arrived first - JUST AS THEY WERE INTRODUCING US!!
What could we do?  The show had to go on!  We ran on-stage, trying to make as much noise as we could (trying to sound like 50) and went right into the "Hi theres" and "On A Wonderful Day Like Today."  As the song went on, people started trickling in and by the end of that number, we were all there.  I just remember laughing (and really trying not to) through the next several songs.  The audience probably thought we planned our entrance that way!  Ha!"
Robyn Rothstein
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