What Is The M and R Story 
Now, let's see if we can explain this one.  When I shipped this page to Rick (Mr. R) we both agreed that nobody would understand this at all except for us.  Then I thought about it a while.  I think there are many people in the New Generation that might understand this.  Besides, there are mentions of many New Generation members in the text of the songs.

Rick and I always wanted to produce a musical.  What better musical to produce than one that we wrote ourselves!  So, we did.  On the manual typewriter at Daylin, we ground out the outline of the M and R Story.  For some reason, I still have the original manuscript.  I have included all the actual pages here for historical reference.

When I had to leave the group the second time in 1971, Rick and I wrote a few of the songs by mail.  One of us would write a tune, record it with one verse, mail it to the other and back a forth.  Finally we had five of the recorded.  YOu can listen to them here if you have REAL AUDIO.

Anyway, the story is short.  We used to joke about writing a story about two guys that would sit around a company stamping accounts receivable all day.  That was supposed to be a joke.  What an exciting job!

Anyway, it takes a while to download each section of the M and R Story, but it might bring you a smile some late night.  Then if you really want an adventure, try listening to the music.

Mr. M