We have New Generation reunion parties every 5 years (or so).  Somehow, we have chosen 1968 as the official date to use to trigger our reunion events.  Its pretty amazing that even now, more than 40 years later, we can still get close to 50 people together for these events. 

We love to sing our old songs and remember the times we enjoyed together. 

Below are some pictures and information about several of our past reunions.  We are now in the planning of the next reunion.  Everyone looks forward to getting together.

15th Reunion - Aug 26, 1984
25th Reunion - Aug 28, 1993
30th Reunion - Oct 3, 1998
35th Reunion - ApR 24, 2004
36th Reunion - Aug 21, 2005
40th Reunion
42nd Reunion Sept 24, 2011
47th Reunion August 22, 2015
50th Reunion July 14, 2018