Ski or Die

My life as a skier.

Greg McMurry

So you slap a couple of sticks on your feet, use some extremely expensive equipment to haul your ass up a Northerly facing mountain that is covered with snow, then you slide down risking life and limb. WHAT A KICK !!

This page is the index to my experiences as a skier. I have documented my first attempts and now, more currently, specific ski trips. Skiing has become an important escape for me in my busy life. I look forward to being on the mountain alone and I look forward to being on a mountain with my friends. I particularly look forward to the parties a'pre ski !!

If you are not a skier, this section will be of little interest to you, if you are a skier, I can only hope to stimulate you to calling in sick on a Friday and heading out to you favorite hill.


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My Ski History
Skiing In Aspen
Aspen '93
Aspen '95
Aspen '96
Aspen '97