About Darlene's Autobiography

This web page stuff has been growing and growing now for almost 15 years.  First there was the original http://www.gregssandbox.com  then Dad's autobiography, then this.

I have developed my own way to create these pages.  Basically, I use Netscape 4.7 as my main editor.  I have tried many other programs, but the simplicity of Netscape 4.7 cannot be topped.

I like simple html code that can be easily modified with a text editor.  Netscape does this for me.

At this writing, July 2006, I am in the middle of completely re-writing my entire web site.  What a job.  If you move one file, you have to change almost everything.

I hope that now, I have learned enough that today's structure can last a few years.

There are many new photos scanned in Darlene's Autobiography.  In the past, I worked pretty hard to keep file size at a minimum.  In the early days, most people had dial-up connections, so it was important to keep thumbnails and other images small enough that they would load quickly.

With this new version, I have allowed myself to use much higher quality scans and larger thumbnails.  It is worth the trouble.  Some of the old pictures I have used show new information that would have never been discovered without these new high resolution scans.

Here is a good example.  Here is a picture of my mother as a little girl with all of her favorite toys.

After I scanned this picture, I noticed that there was a woman standing in the shadows in the upper right.  We had never noticed this before.  The original photo was only two inches wide.

Old photos are often actually contact prints.  Except for the quality of the original camera lens, you can't get a much better image for a scan.

I have been using a Visioneer Onetouch scanner and Photoshop to touch up these images.  I am pleased with the results.  There are, however, some older scans here that were done a long time ago.  I wish I had time to go back and re-scan everything but I do not.

My mother wrote most of the text for her autobiography in MS-Word and I converted the documents to stripped down html using Netscape.  She picked the photos and wrote the captions.  I just put it in a format that would read and print well on the internet.

Greg McMurry
Web Master