Prologue to Darlene's Autobiography

Here is the earliest picture of my Mom and Me that I could find. 

I started this web page with no idea that I would be hosting a complete history of my family.  First, my father Glenn wrote a large autobiography of his own life.  Then my Mom completed her life story.  Now, finally, not to be out done, I have had to write mine.

I have always been impressed by the stick-to-ed-ness that my mother has for all causes in her life.  She has inspired me in so many ways to "just sit down and do it."

I had one of those ideal childhood lives, growing up with a mother at home that was always there for me.  I admire my mother for her ability to keep her "eye on the target" throughout her long and sometimes difficult life.  The results of her strong will and unrelentless love for her family is evident in all of her children and grandchildren.

Gregory L. McMurry
(Summer 2006)