I finally found this diary I kept during the whole episode. I will try to transcribe most of the stuff in it, but it probably misses the most important date. WHEN DID WE FINALLY GO ON THE AIR !!!!!

The Cover of our Diary

Just a small red "Daily Reminder" from 1973 that contained the whole story.


Last year, Greg McMurry, Dan Mayer and Jerry Cesak decided to create an empire. This book contains critical happenings of the first year of that Corporation, MaxiMedia. Money for the Corp. will be loaned to each individual by Mr. McMurry.

We all three like to "Pig Out".

Sincerely, Greg McMurry

A "Pig Out" was a process we embraced during this process. It simply meant that we all eat together. Greg's parents, Glenn and Darlene McMurry loaned the three principals a total of $10,000 to start the business. We use all the money and made some. All three of us paid back the loan with interest over the next three years.


Got our first letter from George Douglas, didn't tell us what we wanted to hear.

George Douglas was a Broadcast Attorney that we hired for his opinion of our interpretation of FCC regulations, particularly part 15. Part 15 specifically mentions the ability to broadcast without a license using carrier current. Then the regulation mentions ..such as used by college radio stations.. It was our contention that there were no regulations that would prevent our usage of Part 15 to do commercial broadcasting. We asked George Douglas to write us an opinion on this interpretation.


We three, Dan, Jerry and Greg, went to Ocean City to do a field test, stayed at the Seascape Hotel tonight and utilized two test sites set up by the power company. Test looked good, we got a tremendous amount of carrier. We had to rent a transmitter from WMUC. Dan drive his fathers car. We had a "pig out" tonight about $10.00 a piece, WOW. We also saw Hunter and were assured the Plim would be the place to go.

There are pictures of the field test transmitter. The Plim was an Ocean City hotel (The Plim Plaza) that had a Kiosk in the parking lot. It was about 12 feet round and was new and all glass. We thought it would be cool to broadcast form the kiosk. Hunter was a local business man we met that gave us all sorts of local advice. He thought we should be highly visible. We agreed.


Still In Ocean City

Tried all day to get in touch with Hale Harrision but nothing. Field tested more and left about 3:00 PM. Dan drove fast and it was windy.


Saw John Smith, the corporate lawyer today and started the Incorporation proceedings rolling. Paid him $400.00, he is going to file Notary Papers for us.


Today we signed the Charter to Incorporate with John Smith and took a picture with him.


EPO at Peggy's. Had spaghetti WOW we really Pigged Out !


The State of Maryland approved our Corporation Application


Worked out a LOGO with Part Brown, he was really fast!


Saw George Douglas again today to verify where field strength readings were taken from. He said he would find out and write.

We also ordered phone numbers. 289-5218 and 289-5219 in rotary and 289-5209 as a private number. We paid George Douglas his fee of $85.00


Got a letter from George Douglas today confirming yesterdays talk. Full speed ahead.

Also I met with Rich (Richard Friedel) to discuss Mix Board. He said it would take about 60 days. That's OK 'cause we don't need it till the middle of May.


Had a meeting with Dan, Jerr and Mom and Dad. Everything OK. Dan Peg and I went to Emerson's for an E.P.O.


Today we called the phone co to find out if we could get 9627 for WOCR but we couldn't.

Jerry and I met with Ted Mintzer to discuss National Accounts and his commission of 20% with 150 share stock option.


Sent $1,500.00 to NV (Northern Virginia) Bank today and ordered checks.

Now we owe Mom and Dad #2,000.00 BIG ONES !


Picked up a Limiter Amp from WMUC and taked to Rich about the board. Decided on a plastic top and 7 pots. Maybe engrave the top at a sign shop. Depends on cost.