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A letter from our Publisher
By Mr. R

The M and R Gazette was given birth to in 1968 by two fellas:  M and R.

The purpose of this journal was to inform, enlighten and entertain the members of The New Generation and their families.  I believe that we accomplished what we set out to do.

With the assistance of pilfered stationery supplies and illegally obtained mimeographing and Xerox copying, Mr. M and Mr. R were able to regularly bring news, reviews and commentary to their friends on all subjects pertinent to the activities of The New Generation.

I lost track of how many issues that we actually published, but I am sure that it was quite numerous.  A serious waste of paper, some may say, but I say nay nay and pooh on you.

In later years, the M and R Gazette was threatened by a cheap competitor (just as Playboy Magazine was threatened by Penthouse Magazine and The Enquirer was threatened by The Globe).  We hung in and fought our way back to the top and put these creeps out of business.  M and R were quite competitive but always professional. (And well-groomed.)

"Think Big" has always been the cornerstone of the M and R philosophy, and the M and R Gazette was the byproduct of big thinking, big ideas, big friendships, big business, big talent, big genius.....big deal.

....and so my fellow Americans.......hold it....I'm getting carried away here.  : )

As we approach the millennium, I wish you a nice life.  A sweet memory. Beautiful music.  A Lark day (whatever that  means) ....and...... keep reading the M and R Gazette.  Be like the Foreman family:  keep the back issues next to the toilet.

All my love and admiration.


Mr. R

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