In these links you will find the 30th Reunion M&R Gazette Pages.  Many New Generation members have sent us short bios of their lives after the New Generation.  M and R thought that this would be a good place to enshrine that information.  Click on the pages below to read about what our friends are up to!

Rick Rhodes (Rothstein)
Judy Thomas
David Sani (Elliot Abramovitch)
Rich Harris
Ken Herrmann
Greg McMurry 
 Carla Anderson
 Tracie Ireland (Thayer)
 Bob (Rocket) Roden
Suzanne London
Diane Coit (Exley)
Henry Heller
Roni Long (Sam)
Sandy Montgomery (Sanson)
Susan Weisbarth (Goldman)
Kris Oddy (Drinkard)
Stacy Young (Blair)
Roger McKay
Pam Brown
Robyn Rothstein
Jim Uhey
Monette Morgan (Manning)

(of course we would like to add your pages to these archives)

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